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Morley Machine Tool Alignment is a leader in precision metrology and inspection technologies, providing a wide array of measurement services suited for any industry. We continuously invest in employee training and technology revisions, especially for performing unique jobs such as our latest endeavor in the medical field.

Calypso Medical is a Seattle, Washington Cancer research equipment manufacturer and creator of the Calypso 4D Localization System Console. The Calypso 4D is capable of simplifying and identifying the location of cancer cells without the need for extensive patient alignment or non-therapeutic x-ray doses. In real-time, the Calypso 4D is able to identify locations shifts in a cancer target and provide instantaneous positioning. We were asked to confirm the accuracy of their "tracking methods", so that their researchers and physicists could verify and analyze the data. This required devising a method to track objects in 3D space on light arrays with high precision. The tracker had to create an ISO center and keep the same CRF throughout the day. Utilizing our FARO Laser Tracker, we were able to accumulate real-time data so that the research team could confirm the behavior of the Calypso 4D system.

Since 1994, we've provided precision metrology systems and services using the most up to date laser technology in the industry. Adhering to strict Aerospace-grade measurement standards, we're able to accommodate multiple industries.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment Inc. in Milton Washington specializes in this type of work. We are conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma Washington. Contact Us For A Quote Today!

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